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To create these site-specific wall drawings, LIVE TRANSMISSION drawings were sequentially projected on a wall and and painted by O'Hara and volunteer assistants. All have been painted with flat acrylic paint on white walls, with the exception of 2015 Gallery 20-20 which is painted with orange Japanese calligraphers' ink. At the end of each exhibition they are painted away. 


Permanent works can be found in the OZW Building of the Freije Universiteit in Amsterdam (2006), the Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan (2008) and Macau Art Museum, Macau, China (2005).


The largest measures 14.9 x 72 feet / 4.5 x 22 meters and was done in the Museo Nazional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, with 150 volunteers over 10 eleven-hour days.

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