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TIME STUDIES, 1982 – lifetime commitment


An attempt at understanding the  meaning of life yielded a process begun by observing closely and making a visual and color coded accounting of how my personal time was spent. TIME STUDIES yielded daily reports, monthly summaries, ends of the year reports, etc.


The large body of work was carefully studied at the end of 10 years. Since the conceptual base for the work was strong, there seemed to be only two alternatives: either end the process and identify it as a 10 year work, or make a lifetime commitment to it. I chose the latter and the process is now in its 50th year. The daily color coding dropped out after 15 years but the statistical recording continues in small notebooks. In 2008 I began again with the color coding - for specific periods of time - periods in which my activities are circumscribed by a specific time and place.

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