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The FORM AND CONTENT SERIES consists of ink drawings made from the silhouettes of LIVE TRANSMISSION drawings. They exist as ink drawings on paper and consist of 9 sets of 36 works each, organized  around specific themes.


  1. The Shape of Discourse - 1996 - movement of people who use words in their metier.

  2. Keyboard Studies - 1996 - movement of performers on piano, organ, electronic keyboard, etc.

  3. Modus Operandi - 1997 - movement of people at work, mostly in blue collar activities.

  4. Formal Arrangements - 1999 - movement during theatrical performance, choreographed dance, etc.

  5. Macau - 2005 - movement of people at work in Macau over a period of 4 months.

  6. Different Drummers: work in progress - movement of percussionists in performance

  7. - 8. - 9. work-in-progress

Each series is done on a different type and size of paper so that they can easily be distinguished one from another.

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