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An aspect of living catches my interest and I begin to work, approaching life as a problem solver whose job it is to pay attention and to render ideas visible. First, I develop a foundation as a conceptual framework, then create a system to work with specific details of daily life. I then go about collecting data, the visual accumulation of which makes the idea visible through art.


I translate ideas into form and then study what I see. Often study generates new research. I am more interested in questions than answers. I tend to work much in the way a farmer does when planting, tending and harvesting crops. I consider the germination process, the daily work and the harvest as my work.  As I progress, I represent all of us and our deep engagement in the process of living.


My bodies of work are like confluent rivers running over long periods of time.


  • on time: TIME STUDIES 1972 - ongoing

  • on space and movement: PORTRAITS FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY 1982 - 1998, 2007

  • on work and movement: LIVE TRANSMISSION 1981 - ongoing

  • modus operandi: PERFORMATIVE DRAWING (formerly performances)

  • based on LIVE TRANSMISSION drawings: FORM AND CONTENT 2001 - 2006, 2019 - ongoing

  • scaled-up: SITE-SPECIFIC WALL DRAWINGS 1989 - ongoing

  • on text and meaning: LETTERPRESS WORK 1983 - ongoing

  • HONORING JOHN CAGE: 1982, 2012

  • Social Practice on human rights: HANDWRITING THE CONSTITUTION 2017 - ongoing

  • Social Practice on peace: TELL US A STORY 2006

  • on the COVID pandemic: mid-March 2020 - end November 2020

  • multiples: PRINTS

This website introduces the principal themes of a half-century of work.

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